I am a Sports Massage Therapist

I have my own personal experience with working with athletes and seeing how massage therapy can help an athlete reach their goals in their sport. I saw many benefits mentally and physically in relation to how massage therapy helped them. I love the work of sports massage because I see immediate results. I help them feel safe and confident. Also having a good positive attitude helps them keeps positive, stay focus, and motivated in their sport. The benefits of sport massage lasts longer in a athlete than the average person. I also help focus on injury prevention by knowing their sport and have knowledge understanding their sport. Magic of a massage therapist hands can not be replaced by a machine or foam roller. A foam roller and a machine can not physically feel a muscle. With a sports massage therapist hands, you can feel touch, think, and respond to the muscle. The machine can not think, but I can. I can adapt my touch, feel, and manipulation with the muscle to help them reach their goals in their sport.